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Mini split air conditioners are growing in popularity as more people turn away from window unit ACs or seek to turn outdoor buildings and garages into functional work and living spaces. These ductless mini split units offer the convenient comfort of central heating and air conditioning without the expense and hassle of installing ducts for a standard HVAC unit. At Bowman Mechanical Services, we provide Mitsubishi mini split installation in Garner and see them as an excellent middle ground for people who need a simple, affordable way to stay cool. 

What Is a Mini Split HVAC?

Standard HVAC and central ACs work by pulling warm air from your home into a ductwork using a motorized fan. Refrigerant is pumped from the outside compressor into the interior evaporator coil where it absorbs the heat, then the cooled air is pushed through the connecting ducts to vents that are spaced throughout the home. 

A mini split HVAC does double duty to heat and cool your home. It has the outdoor condenser and the interior unit that handles the air, along with a conduit that connects the two where the power cable, refrigerant and suction tubing, and condensate drain are held, but there is no ductwork. Instead, air is pulled from the home into the outdoor unit, it’s cooled, then it goes right back out through the vents through a blower. 

Typically, these ductless HVAC systems are installed in:

  • Homes originally built without central HVAC ductwork;
  • Room add-ons where extending ductwork isn’t feasible;
  • Garages
  • Apartments
  • Outdoor workshops
mini split hvac

Benefits of a Mini Split Installation

One of the most common questions related to a mini split, is whether a homeowner should get this or just go with a window unit air conditioner. We recommend the mini split because it offers several benefits: 

  • They provide both heat and air conditioning, so you only have to install one comfort solution. 
  • Only a three-inch hole needs to be added, making the indoor units less invasive;
  • They are incredibly energy efficient, often more so than standard HVAC units because they don’t lose cooled or heated air through leaks in ducts nor do they have a massive power surge when kicking on. Also, they are well sealed where they are installed, so you won’t leak air from around the unit. 
  • Many local utility companies offer rebates for mini splits because of their energy efficiency.
  • They are easier to install compared to a traditional unit where ductwork needs to be installed, so less stress and hassle for you, the homeowner. 
  • You can add thermostat controls and smart-home integration to control the comfort in your home, even when you’re away. 
  • One outdoor condenser can be connected to up to four interior units, making them convenient for whole-home cooling and heating, rather than having to buy multiple window units. 
  • They are more attractive than window unit air conditioners and don’t block sunlight. 

Why Choose a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System?

Mitsubishi licensed Diamond Dealer

At Bowman Mechanical, we are proud to be a licensed Diamond Dealer, meaning we can provide Mitsubishi mini split installation. Mitsubishi is a leading manufacturer in this type of technology, and is known for designing and manufacturing some of the most energy efficient, reliable, and effective ductless systems available on the market.

In order to provide HVAC repair and installation to these systems, you have to be a licensed Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, and we take pride in reaching the highest accreditation level possible from Mitsubishi Electric. Our team is well-versed in mini-split installation and can have your home, apartment, or garage cool and comfortable quickly with a system you can rely on to provide you comfort for years to come.

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