Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air – 4 Troubleshooting Tips

Garner NC AC Repair

When the weather is hot outside, you expect your air conditioner to kick on and cool your home off fast. So, what happens if you notice your home isn’t cooling off, and warm air is coming out of the vents? Don’t panic – most of the time, this is a simple fix that you may even be able to do yourself. To get you started, we’re sharing some of the most common reasons your AC is blowing warm air.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

Okay, we know this may sound silly, but you’d probably be surprised at how often someone has called for an AC repair in Garner only for the problem to be that the thermostat is on the wrong setting. So, the first thing you need to do is head to your thermostat and look for:

  1. The thermostat is set to “cool,” rather than “heat.” If it is, just switch it back over to cool.
  2. The fan is set to “auto,” rather than “on.” If the fan is set to “on,” it will blow non-stop, even when the AC is resting, so it will just blow warm air through the vents rather than cool. Switch it to auto, and it should be fine.

Change Your Air Filter

If the thermostat isn’t the problem, it may be that a dirty air filter is blocking the delivery of cool air into your vent system. Check your air filter, and if it’s dirty or it’s been longer than 60 days, it’s a good idea to swap it out for a clean filter.

Check Your Breaker Box

Your air conditioner has two parts – the outside condenser that cools the air down and the inside motor that moves cooled air through your ducts. When the outside condenser isn’t on, but the motor is still blowing air through, you’ll get warm air coming out of the vents.

Check your outside unit to see if it’s on, and if it’s not, head over to your circuit breaker box to see if a breaker tripped. If it did, reset it and also check the on/off switch near your outdoor unit to make sure it’s set correctly. It’s important to note that if your circuit continues to trip, there may be too many electrical devices trying to run or it may need to be replaced.

Dirty or Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils cool refrigerant so that it turns into a vapor that absorbs heat which is key to keeping cool air flowing. If your coils are clogged with debris or they are frozen over, they can’t cool the refrigerant. Trying to run your air conditioner with frozen or clogged coils can lead to overheating the unit or wearing out the compressor, so if you suspect this is the problem, try these steps:

  • Turn off the air conditioner at the thermostat.
  • Open the access panel by removing the small hex-head screws.
  • If you see ice on the coils, they’re frozen. Don’t try to clear away the ice by hand or with an implement as that can damage them.
  • Check the condenser drip pan to prevent an overflow as the coils thaw.
  • Wait for the coils to be completely free of ice before turning the unit back on.

If the coils have frozen, this could be a sign of a dirty filter, debris around the outdoor unit, or a more serious issue.

Contact an Air Conditioner Repair Technician

If you’ve tried the above steps or they don’t seem applicable, turn off your air conditioner and call a local air conditioner repair technician. The issue could be a refrigerant leak, mechanical issue, or some other problem that requires a professional to diagnose and repair.

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