Geothermal System Installation Process

Planned Replacement

Is your traditional furnace or heat pump on its last leg? Or do you just want to get rid of your inefficient equipment before it costs you an arm and a leg? GeoStar geothermal systems provide a smart alternative for the replacement of older or inefficient equipment. Most units are easy to install and can be installed in areas unsuitable for fossil fuel furnaces. There is no combustian or need to vent exhaust gasses which means our equipment can be installed virtually anywhere.

If you have ductwork already installed in your home, you are one step ahead of the game. If not, a GeoStar dealer can easily install ductwork so you can experience the comfort of geothermal to its full extent. Another heating method to consider is radiant in-floor heating. How nice would it be to have warm floors all winter long? GeoStar offers a unit that is capable of in-floor heating in conjunction with forced air to provide you with the most comfortable heating possible – all while helping the environment and saving money.

New Construction

If you’re ready to build the home of your dreams, why not install the most efficient and high-end heating and cooling system available today? A newly constructed house comes with a certain peace of mind that’s not common among previously owned homes. Installing a GeoStar geothermal system can extend that peace of mind to your heating and cooling system as well. Including a geothermal system in your newly built home means you can roll the cost into your monthly mortgage payment. The money you save in operating costs will typically offset the increase in mortgage payment – which means you may see a positive cashflow!

Also, if you’re building a new home, never skimp on the quality of insulation, windows, and doors. If your new house is as “tight” as possible, the less capacity will be needed for heating and cooling – which means your dealer may be able to install a smaller unit. A smaller unit means smaller initial investment in the system and another way to save money.

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